Copyright law touches virtually every business in a myriad of ways. Reproduction of copyrighted works both within and outside organizations is a daily occurrence, and carries with it the risk of both the loss of valuable rights in a firm's own intellectual property as well as adverse infringement claims. Sullivan offers a depth of experience and expertise in copyright-related matters to help clients protect their valuable property and avoid adverse claims based on the misuse of the intellectual property of others. Our services include:

  • Copyright clearance and ownership searches and opinions
  • Copyright registrations, including works requiring special handling due to their confidential nature
  • Fair use analysis
  • Content clearance for entertainment, media, and other uses
  • Infringement investigations
  • Litigation of all copyright matters, including disputes over ownership, counterfeiting, fair use, moral rights, infringement, and technical issues arising under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
  • Licensing of works subject to copyright protection
  • Counseling on policy development for internal and external use of third-party copyrighted works

Representative Client Work

  • Represented clients in the development and commercialization of mobile apps through Facebook, Apple, Google Play and other social media sites
  • Successfully represented a manufacturer of hydration and food storage products in settling a copyright and design patent infringement matter
  • Represented a leading kitchen design software company as lead appellate counsel in a copyright/unfair competition case settled via mediation
  • Represented an information technology and computer networking products company in defending a copyright infringement claim
  • Advising magazine publishing companies, television networks and content publishers on editorial issues, privacy and publicity rights, defamation, fair use and other potential litigation matters
  • Advising and counseling entertainment and media clients including television and film production companies, film and television producers, and an online sports media company on content clearance issues relating to copyrights, privacy rights, and rights of publicity
  • Represented companies in the United States and Europe including independent production companies with the licensing and distribution of content via Internet broadcasting, streaming video, music on-demand and interactive television, including VOD
  • Represented a software company on a copyright infringement matter involving the operating firmware for a video game controller device; obtained preliminary injunction barring sales of the infringing device
  • Represent photographers and artists in enforcement of copyrights
  • Worked with a leading cloud computing and converged infrastructure pioneer company to obtain multiple registrations for confidential certification tests and in shutting down the sites of more than 60 online vendors trading in unauthorized copies of such tests and answer keys
  • Worked with a leading educational technology company to implement a program for the regular registration of copyrights in secure tests relating to the nursing and allied healthcare industries in order to facilitate enforcement against online purveyors of counterfeit tests and answer keys

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