Sullivan's Energy Group specializes in representing clients in solar, small wind, combined heat and power, hybrid solutions, and other distributed energy transactions both domestically and globally.  Our work includes strategic and structuring advice; transactional due diligence; and negotiation, drafting and execution of project documents, credit agreements, and security documents.

The transition to a distributed energy future offers tremendous market opportunities. However, financing and deployment of distributed energy resources presents inherent challenges, including the relatively small size and large number of installations; the complexity of serving widespread and numerous customers, including both consumers and businesses; and the need to integrate with large incumbent utilities in the context of comprehensive regulatory structures.

We recognize that transaction efficiencies are critically important. In representing distributed generation project investors and developers our goal is to provide top-quality services while building replicable long term models for project assessment, due diligence, and transaction processes, as well as model deal documents, which maximize our clients’ financial outcomes while minimizing transaction costs. Through this approach, we have been able to offer alternative fee structures - including fixed fees and per-megawatt fee arrangements – which substantially reduce the amount and variability of legal costs and the resulting impacts on project economics. 

Representative Client Work

  • Community Solar. Representing developer of distributed solar platform financed through innovative crowdfunding financial model
  • Distributed Waste Heat to Power Technology. Advising on an acquisition of a technology portfolio for small industrial waste heat to power applications
  • Distributed Solar Business in the Caribbean. Represent investment fund development of distributed solar business in the Caribbean
  • Distributed Generation Financing and Tax Equity. Advised a solar development company on novel financing platform for replicable small-scale solar installation deal structures, including optimization of structure for incorporating non-traditional tax equity investments
  • Distributed Generation for Telecommunications Infrastructure. Represented provider of energy services for telecommunications infrastructure in developing country in Asia 

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