The Latest Support Offerings for UK Exporters

GTR UK 2021 Virtual Conference
June 29-30, 2021

On June 30, 2021, Mark Norris will moderate a panel, "The Latest Support Offerings for UK Exporters," at GTR 's UK 2021 Virtual Conference.

It’s been a busy time at UK Export Finance, with a range of offerings made available to help British exporters navigate challenging headwinds. This special session will look more closely at a number of new facilities that have been set up and made available, whilst also considering the wider future of the ECA market under OECD guidelines, at a time when support for exporters has never been more needed. Following an initial discussion, participants will break into groups to consider specific case studies, before reassembling for final conclusions.

The session will look at two case studies: General Export Facility (GEF) and the Standard Buyer Loan Guarantee (SBLG).

The full agenda can be accessed here.

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