Sovereign and Central Bank Digital Currency - Is Cash Still the King?

May 27, 2020

Joel Telpner presented the webinar "Sovereign and Central Bank Digital Currency -- Is Cash Still the King?" on May 27, 2020.

The program recording can be accessed here.

Program Description:
With the ease of using a mobile bank, one might forget that all current monetary systems are based on the fact that technically only physical bills and coins are legal tender. The need to build digital layers on top of this setup leads to inherent friction. Why is not money natively digital? After the rise of Bitcoin and other digital blockchain based assets, practically every central bank around the world is now exploring the potential risks and benefits of turning money digital. The attorneys in this program are helping countries to issue natively digital sovereign currencies. They discuss the reason and future of Central Bank Digital Currencies, different approaches that countries are taking, and the roadblocks that need to be overcome before this major shift in the theory and makeup of money can happen.

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