Developing Uniform Definitions and Data Standards

BCR’s Trade & Investment Forum 2023
SMBC Bank, London, UK
March 9, 2023

Geoffrey Wynne will join a panel session on "Developing Uniform Definitions and Data Standards" at BCR’s Trade & Investment Forum 2023 - Creating a Deep and Liquid Investor Market for Trade Assets, to be held in London on March 9, 2023.

The session will discuss the need for bankers/originators and investors to speak the same language for dealing with trade finance assets to be able to deal with each other seamlessly, and will examine issues including why uniformity and standardisation is needed, what needs to be developed from the perspective of terminology, distribution, buyers’ and sellers’ obligations, reporting, data availability, ESG initiatives, as well as looking at the role of key stakeholders and participants as enablers.

The forum will be held at SMBC Bank in London and further details are available here.

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