Cracking the Code: How Decisions Made 2-3 years Before the Business Sale Determine the Result

Sullivan Conference Center
October 23, 2019

Sullivan hosted a panel discussion on October 23, 2019 entitled, "Cracking the Code: How Decisions Made 2-3 Years Before the Business Sale Determine the Result."

The program featured Sullivan partner Lewis Segall as well as Keith Boudreau from Newport LLC and Beth Milkovits from Brown Brothers Harriman. The speakers outlined a Step-By-Step approach to preparing for the most important financial event of most business owner’s lives.

Only two in ten businesses that come to market are successfully sold, and of those 75% of owners report being unhappy one year after transition… proving the axiom “When you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.”

Attendees learned how company owners can take control of navigating the environment that makes success so difficult to accomplish. Thinking and acting strategically, and following a defined approach, will significantly improve any business owner’s chances of beating the odds.

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