Why Midsize Firms Can Do Innovation Best—But Often Don't

November 22, 2019

Joel Carpenter was quoted in the article "Why Midsize Firms Can Do Innovation Best—But Often Don't," which was published by Law.com on November 22, 2019. 

The article details how many legal industry observers believe midsize firms are better at driving innovation than large firms. While midsize firms are not burdened with a large bureaucracy, they do encounter barriers when it comes to requiring a higher percentage of people to buy into proposed changes.

In the article, Joel describes the opportunities for midsize firms to innovate as well as some of the challenges they may face in doing so: “Midsize firms are pretty flexible and nimble and it’s easy to get stuff done. But we are a very non-corporate structure and that has a lot of cultural advantages.”

However, according to Joel, it can be more challenging to make some changes because some people are very invested in the way the firm currently operates: “Getting a lot of people to change historic patterns of behavior,” isn’t easy. “Change is hard for human beings. And what gets measured and rewarded are billable hours.” When the change takes time and effort and that time isn’t billable, it creates difficulty.

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