What Employers Should Do Now That Roe Has Fallen

June 24, 2022

Amy Sheridan was quoted in the article, "What Employers Should Do Now That Roe Has Fallen," published by Law360 [sub. req.].

The U.S. Supreme Court's decision on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade presents major challenges for employers and health plans, experts say. In upholding a Mississippi abortion ban and overturning precedent establishing a constitutional right to abortion, the high court's decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health allowed states to impose restrictions or outright bans on the procedure. That's quickly creating new liabilities for employers related to workers' health, discrimination protections, privacy and speech.

Amy said employers need to prepare for potential legal action if they want to keep abortion access in states with bans. "We're talking about a situation where a state may be motivated to aggressively go after out-of-state conduct. I think that's what makes this different than other employee benefits that your plan might be offering."

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