Trade Finance: A Practitioner's Guide

March 10, 2022

Geoff Wynne was quoted in the introduction to the article "Trade Finance: A Practitioner's Guide," published in Deutsche Bank’s flow on March 10, 2022.

The article provides an overview, the full list of contents and the first chapter of the updated legal guide “A Practitioner's Guide to Trade & Commodity Finance” written by Sullivan & Worcester, published by Sweet & Maxwell and edited by Geoff Wynne.

Although the book was published before the Ukraine/Russia conflict unfolded, it underlines the importance of solid trade finance structures that can stand up in adverse circumstances.

Geoff told flow, "The events the world witnesses – from conflicts to political instability – including current events in Ukraine, bring into sharp relief their effect on trade and commodities, in particular in emerging markets. This was already a challenging time in terms of supply chains, Brexit, Covid and so on. This fully updated Guide should prove useful to all practitioners in this space, helping them to navigate practical issues when financing trade, as well as providing an in depth look at the latest digital developments."

You can access the article, and first chapter in full, here.

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