State’s Supreme Judicial Court to Hear Arguments on Millionaire’s Tax

Boston Herald
May 3, 2022

Dan Ryan was quoted in the article, "State’s Supreme Judicial Court to Hear Arguments on Millionaire’s Tax," published by the Boston Herald [sub. req'd] on May 3, 2022.

The article addresses the debate surrounding a ballot measure that would ask Massachusetts voters to raise the tax rate on incomes over $1 million. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court will hear oral arguments this week about the wording of the question, titled officially as the "Fair Share amendment," and whether its implications could be misleading to voters. 

"It is extremely important, especially in the context of an amendment to the state constitution, that voters have a complete understanding of the effect of a 'yes' vote," Dan said. "The current summary of the proposed amendment fails to fully inform voters."

"The proposed amendment will not necessarily increase funding for education and transportation," Dan continued. "The Attorney General’s summary fails to inform voters of this important consideration. The Legislature could decide to use only the proceeds from the additional tax to fund education and transportation to current levels, and not increase funding in those areas at all."

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