SJC Ruling Muddies the Waters for Future of Mass. Coastal Development

Boston Business Journal
July 14, 2022

Victor Baltera was quoted in the article, "SJC Ruling Muddies the Waters for Future of Mass. Coastal Development," published by the Boston Business Journal [sub. req.].

The article discusses the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court's decision this week on Massachusetts coastal development regulations. The move impacts developers and property owners as they now must determine if waterfront real estate projects in some cities and towns meet new legal regulations. The SJC's decision will have repercussions for future coastal developments across the state.

Vic comments that properties which already have a Chapter 91 license may not necessarily be free of the impact of this week's ruling. Such properties might run afoul of new regulations if they attempt to change or renew the license, including those for minor structural changes to a building that could require an amended license.

"The question is, even if you have a license no one's challenged, if you try to amend it, would that be subject to the (SJC) decision?" Vic said.

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