SJC Ruling Could Sidetrack Coastal Projects

Banker & Tradesman
July 13, 2022

Victor Baltera was quoted in the article, "SJC Ruling Could Sidetrack Coastal Projects," which was published by Banker & Tradesman on July 13, 2022.

The article discusses the Supreme Judicial Court's decision this week requiring state environmental regulators to restructure how waterfront developments are reviewed and approved. The move could affect zoning frameworks in coastal communities throughout Massachusetts, potentially causing delays for owners of properties located in municipal harbor plan areas as the state updates regulations to conform with the SJC's ruling.

“If you’re going in for an amendment of a [Chapter 91] license or a renewal, you would have a problem there,” Vic said. “If somebody has a license for a building that’s 100 feet [tall] where the normal standard is 55 feet, when they renew that license, I think DEP can no longer waive the 55-foot standard.”

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