DOJ Tells Justices to Take Up $250M Art Fight

May 27, 2020

Nick O'Donnell was quoted in the article, "DOJ Tells Justices to Take Up $250M Art Fight," [sub. req.] which was published by Law360 on May 27, 2020.

On May 26, the Department of Justice filed a brief with the Supreme Court of the United States, urging the high court to take up the Federal Republic of Germany's argument that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act doesn't stop the courts from ruling if the American legal system is the correct jurisdiction for the case.

Nick, who represents plaintiffs Alan Philipp and Gerald Stiebel, the heirs of two German art dealers, in their U.S. suit against Germany, noted that they were "naturally disappointed that the solicitor general sided with Germany's wrongful retention of Nazi-looted art," but were nonetheless equally optimistic that "the Supreme Court will do the right thing."

Erika Todd also represents the plaintiffs in this matter.

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