Brand Battles: Frito-Lay Fights Vice Media Over 'Munchies'

November 8, 2019

Sullivan was mentioned in the article, "Brand Battles: Frito-Lay Fights Vice Media Over 'Munchies'," which was published by Law360 [sub. req.] on November 8, 2019.

Sullivan client Vice Media is battling with Frito-Lay over their respective trademark rights to the name "Munchies." Frito-Lay, which has used the name for a brand of snack mix since at least 2000, filed cases aimed at blocking two different applications Vice filed earlier this year to register "Munchies" as a trademark for a wide range of goods and services. Vice, which operates a news and culture website and a companion cable channel, has used “Munchies” as the name of a food vertical since 2014. Back then, Frito-Lay had no issue with Vice registering “Munchies” as a trademark for various media services, like television broadcasts and websites.

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