BNY Mellon Builds Out Separate ETF Board for New Range

Fund Directions
March 27, 2020

Nicole Crum was quoted in the article, "BNY Mellon Builds Out Separate ETF Board for New Range," [sub. req.] which was published by Fund Directions on March 27, 2020. 

The article discusses BYN Mellon's formation of a separate board for the launch of its ETF fund business with the aim of developing a specialized set of knowledge of the ETF life cycle in-house. It also discusses how fixed income market volatility stemming from COVID-19 has led to pricing dislocations in many bond ETFs and promoted the Fed to buy ETF bonds directly. Nicole stresses the importance of clear and candid communication and reliance upon relationships board directors have developed with management in order to effectively work through difficult times and provide the best oversight.

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