"I Did Not See a Single Person:" Things Have Changed at Courthouses

December 14, 2022

Richard Goldman was quoted in the article, "'I Did Not See a Single Person': Things Have Changed at Courthouses,'" published by Law.com.

The article discusses how some trial courts are rethinking how they operate in the aftermath of COVID-19, with litigators saying the continued use of remote technology deprives them of an important element of their practice. Lawyers who are accustomed to motion hearings or status conferences being held in person during pre-pandemic days say the chance to rub elbows with colleagues on trips to the courthouse is lost when pretrial hearings are conducted via Zoom.

Dick, who has written numerous articles about attorney networking, supports those lawyers who lament the loss of informal interactions in the age of Zoom. He said that "building and maintaining relationships is the key to being a successful person and a successful lawyer."

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