Beit Zion
41-45 Rothschild Blvd
Tel Aviv 6578401
TEL: +972 3 7955555

Tel Aviv Office Overview

Sullivan manages a substantial amount of legal work for Israeli companies and U.S. companies with Israeli interests through ZAG/Sullivan — the world's only true Israeli-American law firm. Established in 2001 through a unique joint venture of its founding firms Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer & Co. and Sullivan & Worcester LLP, ZAG/Sullivan is a law firm partnership — one entity — not a referral relationship.

Our innovative business model enables us to provide completely integrated, cost-efficient legal services, leveraging our expertise in the U.S. and in the Middle East to help advance our clients' objectives with maximum efficiency — whether it's forming a joint venture or listing a company on NASDAQ. But we do more than just provide legal services; we build business bridges for our clients, connecting them with the right players and the right resources to gain a competitive edge.

Our bilingual team members in Israel and the United States understand the dynamics of two very different markets and can deftly bridge cultural differences on business practices, regulatory, securities and other legal issues. When you need counsel for intellectual property, tax, securities, litigation or anything else, ZAG/Sullivan delivers — in your language and in your time zone. That's why many of our clients view us not just as a legal resource, but as a business ally, committed to meeting their immediate legal needs while facilitating their long-term corporate growth.

Our attorneys work with public and private companies throughout Israel, the United States and around the globe. They are available to serve as a complete legal resource to Israeli companies, or as specialist counsel for U.S. business interests.

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