Israel Legal Notice


Har-Even & Co. is a partnership formed under the laws of the State of Israel and is a practice of registered Israeli lawyers.

Contact information

Beit-Zion Bld., 7th floor
41-45 Rothschild Blvd.
Tel-Aviv, Israel 6578401
Tel: +972-(0)3-7955555

Professional Rules     

Har-Even & Co. is regulated by the directives of the Israel Bar Association (“IBA”) and the Israeli Bar Association Law - 1961. Information about the IBA can be found in the following link:

Professional Liability Insurance

Har-Even & Co. has professional liability insurance in Israel as required by decisions of the IBA’s ethics committee, as updated from time to time.


Har-Even & Co. is an Israeli partnership. As such, legal complaints can be filed in accordance with applicable law in Israel and/or any directives issued by the IBA from time to time (to the extent applicable).

Tax Identification Number

Har-Even & Co.’s value added tax identification number is 558414108.

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